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The NETCOM Business Center offers online information that can help you with the set-up of your website. Remember, you may be limited to certain sections of the Client Resources depending on the hosting package you purchased.

Remember to type in your user name and password exactly as you designated when registering your site.

Please refer to the Help section to find the most frequently asked questions. The Library contains easy to follow instructions and examples for HTML, Java(tm), Shockwave(tm) and CGI, plus a web dictionary. The Toolbox is the place where you can obtain software tools you will need to create your website, while our Maintenance section will help you manage your site.

You may want to print this page now, once you upload your new index.html page, this page will be replaced.

Information on how to FTP to your website. (PC)
Information on how to FTP to your website. (Mac)
Information on how to setup e-mail.

To upgrade a service that you already have, please contact your sales representative.

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